Student Comments & Commendations

I really enjoyed the class. I feel that it gave me a good foundation for the P&C business.

The best Securities Series 6 and Series 63 training ever!

Joyce is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The best instructor I have ever had.

Thanks for the lessons of the insurance business and all your help.

Loved the class. I've taken classes from other instructors and did not like the class. This class was excellent and I feel I learned a lot more and feel very confident about taking the test.

I was very impressed with the course. Great learning environment. We'll be signing up for the Life & Health with you next month.

Informative and exciting. Was intrigued by Joyce's energy and pin point accuracy and making me understand. Looking forward to future relations with Joyce and Don.

Excellent Instructor! Makes learning easy by giving lots of easy to understand stories and examples. She keeps the atmosphere alive and makes you want to learn more.

Nice PowerPoint outline booklet and presentation. Great aid for the studying process.

Class was actually very interesting, entertaining and full of knowledge. Instructor was very good at conveying tips and reminder triggers to help you remember the words and concepts. Awesome!! Joyce was the perfect choice.

The instructors are very helpful. I like the way they teach. I feel very prepared for the exam. Ms. Wildes came highly recommended from a coworker.

Joyce is a very knowledgeable instructor. She was on top of every question I had and took the time to review each practice test. I am greatly appreciative.

I thought everything that took place in class was very well done. I am not a good test taker or a book smart person and this class helped a lot with the way the class was presented.

Enjoyed the class. Feel well prepared. Very knowledgeable and willing to give detailed explanations.

Very good! I loved the small class atmosphere, her stories, the way she highlights key points and clues. Very informative. Very good at answering questions, class discussion. I will definitely recommend her to others.

Much more interesting and engaging than expected. I will return for further classes.

As someone new to the insurance industry, a little more help on industry terms - word details.

Great class!~ A whole lot more organized and easy to follow than what I have heard about other P&C courses. Highly recommend!

They did an excellent job and I enjoyed the class.

I have no experience in this field, but Joyce has made me feel like I will pass the state exam on the first try.

The room was too cold.

Joyce Wildes engaged the class in educational conversation. I felt the instructor was highly knowledgeable about insurance practices.

I feel prepared for the adjusters test following this class. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Very interesting - came out of class with much more knowledge about insurance.

Great class!

Everything was great and a pleasant learning experience. Feels like have the tools and materials to pass the state exam.

I felt very relaxed and was able to ask any question and not feel foolish. Instructor has great knowledge and good personality which keeps the class from being boring.

I enjoyed the class and the instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Extremely knowledgeable and has thorough understanding of the insurance industry. Thank you, Joyce.

Very pleased that I was referred to Joyce Wildes & Associates classes.

Instructor was knowledgeable and kept my attention.

Joyce is the best. Great teacher. She help me so much. I will recommend her to anyone to take any class with her.

Very knowledgeable teacher. It was a relaxed fun learning environment. I would recommend her to anyone interested in the insurance business. Thanks.

Great job! Presented the material in a way that was "fun and interesting."

This was a very informative class and I will be back for other areas of expertise.

Very thorough and informative. Instructor was very pleasant.

The class was structured well, which allowed me to benefit from learning the information in such a short period of time.

Joyce is very knowledgeable and very engaging. She wanted class participation and encouraged it at every chance.

I really enjoyed the class. The instructors were full of knowledge and made us feel at home.