About Joyce Wildes, CIC, CPIW, CPIA
     Joyce is currently licensed as an independent adjuster, life & health and property & casualty agent. She has spent her entire career in the insurance agency  and financial services business. She owned and operated Wildes Insurance Agency, a multi-county agency located in Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida.  After moving to Georgia, Joyce acted as a consultant for numerous agencies in the greater Atlanta area.  Her experience and knowledge is shared throughout the classes with using real-world examples and anecdotes.  She has earned three professional designations through her diligent efforts to stay current in this industry.  Join her for an enjoyable learning experience that you'll remember!
What distinguishes us from other schools?

     Our course material is presented in several formats to keep the class interesting and to hold your attention.  A lively multi-media PowerPoint presentation will stimulate your mental processes both visually and aurally.  Personal and group activities with a workbook of questions, discussions of problems and coverage scenarios aid in the learning process and provide another opportunity for interaction with the instructor as well as fellow students.

     All of the material outlined in the  Georgia Candidate's Handbook  is thoroughly covered with emphasis on the most pertinent topics.  The  course fee includes necessary materials for the class. The course fee is non-refundable to guarantee you a seat and to allow us to order all necessary materials in a timely manner.  Class sizes are generally smaller, allowing more one-on-one contact with the instructor who is also an experienced insurance industry professional.  Best of all -- our class passing ratio is quite high, often 100%!

      Enroll by completing the on-line registration form, print it and fax the form back to pre-register.  To enroll at a Georgia public education facility other than Chattahoochee Technical College, contact the Continuing Education registrar’s office at that location or call us for assistance.



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